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Are you still running on physical server for each need.  For example, do you have a mail server, a database server, a web server and file server all running on separate physical machines.  If you are you are spending too much and not getting a good value for the dollars you are spending.  At Leopard we can show you how to use a virtualized environment to run all your machines on just a few physical machines.  We can show you how this will deliver a lower ongoing cost, better backup, better redundancy and a faster upgrade path as your needs grow. All of this without having to invest thousands of dollars in new hardware.

Cloud Computing


The buzz is all about cloud computing.  It seems everyone is heading that way.  But we will tell you, it is not right for everyone.  Cloud-Based Computing has its place and if used properly, can deliver a good value for the dollars spent.  However like all technology it is easy to spend a lot of money and not realize the value. 


At Leopard we have built systems that have been cloud deployed.  We know how to build them and most importantly, when to use this type of technology.  As part of our normal development cycle we will evaluate this as an option for your buisness and present where and when it makes sense. 

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