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Meet Our Team Leader

Larry Eppard

Starting as a computer programmer in 1978 and working his way up through various technical and management positions, he has kept the ability to deal with complex technology issues while gaining key insights into management thinking. This has proven to be a unique strength. Eppard has the unique ability to deal with any level of an organization, whether that is senior management, programmers, customers and/or vendors. He can seamlessly move between detailed technical discussions and strategic planning at an organization level. He believes the strength of an organization is in the team your build. 


  • Business Startup Successes:

    • Founded Leopard Enterprises, sold to KnowledgeBase Marketing, a division of WPP in 1999

    • CEO of Entry Systems, sold to Yankelovich in 2004

    • COO of Yankelovich, sold to WPP in 2008

    • Founded MobileLutions in 2010

    • Founded Leopard Consulting Group in 2014


  • Business Process Successes

    • Created highly advanced Point-of-Sale system for a national drug wholesaler that was responsible for signing an $800 million customer.

    • Created a database marketing SaaS solution for a National Marketing Firm that is their core business today.

    • Created a strategic plan for a high-speed print and mail business, creating a market advantage for a commodity business.

    • Created a national name and address database service for the background search firm.


  • Technical Successes

    • Designed and managed a project for membership rewards for a major international airline.

    • Created advanced, remote access, point of sale and contract tracking system in a distributed model, using pre-cursor technology to the internet.

    • Built SaaS based models for CRM database marketing based on an ASP licensing model.

    • Created a data warehouse for major Us based airline to integrate various departmental systems to provide overall corporate view.

    • Created innovative, xml-based system for data access over the internet to enable backgound search processing.

    • Created sub-second access to large-scale database, over 1 trillion rows, using xml-based interface.

    • Database driven - centralized rules-based distribution model for smartphones, including iPhone and Android.



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