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Our Expertise

Whether you are a small, just getting started business or a well established
business that needs a new approach, Leopard Consulting Group can deliver
a wide-array of services to support your needs. 
Strategy & Organization

Sometimes a new look at your team is needed to create a more streamlined organzation to optimize their effectiveness.  This proactice group works thorugh these issues and creates common processes that the organization can use reduce time to market, improve communication and deliver better services to your customers. 


Cloud Computing

How does Cloud Computing play in the future of your business or should it?  LCG consultants can evaluate your systems and develop a plan to integrate the appropriate level of this technology.  

Big Data
Big Data is a way to collect unstructured data and then be able to analyze that data in a strucutured way.  Using technolgoy like Hadoop, LCG can build a solution to facilitate your needs.
Project Management

Have you ever had that system that you just can not get into "production"?  It has been sitting at 95% done for the last two months?  Is the busget out of control?  All of this can be solved by using our ability to lockdown through proven project management skills a plan for delivery.

Systems Development

Do you have a unique need that a package solution can not deliver.  LCG can create using Agile  techniques a custom solution.  Many options for delivery can be analyzed for a cost effective solution. 


Whether you are trying to figure out what virtualization is or you are part way there and just need some assistance to finish the job, our consultants can deliver.   Virtualiztion is not just a single answer for all and must be thought through from beginning toend.  

Network Management

Is your network slow?  Is it properly protected from the outside world.  In the Internet age, you must effectively protect your network from the outside forces.  

Disaster Recover

Everyone talks about it, but at LCG we work through the real world needs of your business.  You can spend lots fo money a time on backups you do not need.

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