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Systems Development


Systems Development is at the core of what we do.  Once a busienss has outlined their needs, Leopard takes the project an runs.  With our extensive background,  both in the business world and the technology world, our consultants add value by being able to make sound business decisions on the fly.  These are then reviewed with our clients at the appropriate time.


During development, an agile process is used where the system is built layer by layer.  Milestones are laid out and results are reviewed on a scheduled basis.  Our projects get done, on time and on budget. 


Big Data


Big Data this is a hot topic.  At Leopard we have built collection engines to bring in adhoc data and store it in a big data style(Hadoop).  We understand how to build a highly scalable system that can ramp up as the demand is expanded.  Through the use of virtualization and cloud computing, Big Data can be achieved for a reasonable cost in todays market.

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