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Strategy and Organization


Just because you have a hammer, it does not mean you should find a nail.  At times, the most obvious answer is not the "right" answer.  At Leopard we focus on taking your current resources and getting them refocused on the right issues. 


Many times businesses:

  • Leave staff in positions too long

  • They do not have a training plan for their staff

  • They have not thought through a redundancy program at the staff level


Leopard can leverage our staffs background to evaluate your needs and deliver a plan to get your organzation focused on making your business better.

Project Management


One of the most difficult areas in technology is project management.  Most people think it is about managing time and material and while that is a component, the real issue is "RISK" management. 


You have to ask questions like:

  1. Where should I be based on hours spent?

  2. Is my scope increasing?

  3. Is the proper visibility to changes in scope being given?

  4. Is the project being architected for the long term?


At Leopard we have run hundreds of projects and we know how to setup a process so these and other answers are delivered on a timely basis. 

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