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Custom Software
Title Plant Software

MobileLutions provides a service to prevent distracted driving while operating a vehicle at speed.  With the advent of mobile technologies, MobileLutions has positioned itself at the forefront of market by hiring Leopard Consulting Group to build and maintain a cloud/mobile based solution.  In this model, Leopard built an online portal where rules can be set and coupled that with the development of iPhone and Android apps that would download and enforce those rules.  

Big Data Collection

With Leopard Consulting Group's data warehouse expertise, several big dat projects have been done to capture variable data over time and then managing the process of sifting thorugh the data in an intelligent manner to find the hidden nuggets for that competitive edge.  The system hae used the Amazon Cloud, Azure Cloud, Rackspace Cloud as a platform and database technologies from SQL Server to Hadoop. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud.  It is all people want to talk about, but what is the best way for you to take advantage of the cloud baed on what your really need.  Should you use it as a test environment.?  Do you need a better load balancing strategy at a lower cost? What is teh mix that makes the best fanancial decision?  That is where we can help.  We can show you have to step into a cloud based strategy without going too fast and spending money on both the old environment and the new. 


Are you scratching your head and wondering what this "virtualization" is all about.  We have helped a number of firms implment a well though out virtualization strategy and then executed.  In one case we went from 67 real servers to 5 real servers and improved the overall performance by 20%. 

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